It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken

book imageby Seth

Genre: Graphic Novel

Published: 1993

My Rating: **** 4/5

It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken is about a man who feels a little out of place in our modern, fast-paced world and who longs for a less complicated time.  Seth’s captivation with the charm of the past makes is difficult for him to find contentment and happiness in the present.  He finds a kindred spirit in a lesser known comic book artist from the 1940s.   The story then becomes a mini-journey of Seth’s endeavors to find out more information about him.

The simplicity of the images mirrors Seth’s longing for a simpler time and the color scheme winks at the bleak tone of the story.  It didn’t bother me that there wasn’t a great deal of substance or that the story lacked a strong, clear resolution.  That just added to the sense of realism and the honesty.  It’s not a riveting story, nor is it life shaking, but it wasn’t intended to be.  Its value is in its minimalism and its plainness.  It has an unobtrusive quality that I find endearing.

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