TeaTime Musings : on journaling – and a request

 I have so many projects percolating for next year that I’m most assuredly overshooting.  Of late, the idea of journaling has been occupying my thoughts.  I believe I’ve mentioned it here before but I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with journaling.  This year I’ve consistently kept up with a “line-a-day journal” (that spans 5 years), which is great and will be fun to look back on as the years pass, but I’m getting a wee bit bored with it and hoping for something more.  Naturally there isn’t room to include much more than superficial occurrences.

When I was a teenager I journaled to make sense of things but as I got older my journals became books of complaints.  I tended only to sit down and write when I was sad, pissed off, or otherwise feeling bad.  I’ve burned most of those.

I do, however, really like the idea of keeping a journal, and I think it would be a great exercise.  I just need to modify my approach to one with a more purposeful intent.  I’d really like to focus in on observations, reflections, and the like rather than solely on feelings and emotions.  Of course, there’s a place for that too in journaling, I’ve perhaps just leaned a little too far in that direction in the past.

I think I also placed too much emphasis on the journal itself.  I would take such care in picking one out, and then I’d make the hefty $15 investment, so the contents better be darn prolific.  It was too much pressure.  I hardly ever wrote in some of my journals because it didn’t feel like my words were good enough for them.

So for this round of journaling, I’ve settled on the old school black/white composition notebooks so that I can focus on my thoughts rather than their worthiness.  My goal is to write once per week and I’m also considering setting a specific day / time.  This might seem contrary to inspiration but I think at least in the beginning it will be helpful in establishing writing as a habit.

So here’s where the request comes in . . .

Can you recommend any published journals by those who write in the manner described?

So often, I sit down to write and just end up staring off into space or getting otherwise distracted.  I think it might be useful to read the journals of at least one person who excelled at it to kind of nudge me along.

Any thoughts?